Preview a Template


To see what your design will look like when printed or exported/saved, go to the Main Template Menu and click ‘Preview’ button.


Generating a Preview is the first step in the export process.

From here you can select the file type you wish to export to; PDF, SVG, PNG.

Once the file type is selected  it will automatically start a download to your computer where your project will be able to be located in your ‘Downloads’ folder.

From here you can choose where you wish to save the file and then open the and print at your convenience.

Printing a Template

After Preview and Export you are ready to print your template.

In printer properties set a ‘custom’ page size  if the icing sheet does not measure as a perfect A4 or A3

In printer properties check to see if your printer has a default border. Either select ‘borderless’ printing or take this into account when measuring the template.

In printer properties select ‘Actual’ page size.

If designing a template to match pre-cut icing sheets, ALWAYS print your template first on plain paper and then overlay it on the pre-cut icing sheet. Even though your measurements might be perfect, every printer feeds a little differently and your template may need to be adjusted slightly to suit your printer.

If designing a template to match pre-cut icing sheets, make the circle diameter a little larger than the actual pre-cut circle, so the image slightly spills over the edges.