Logging into your Account

To start using Icing Artist, click the ‘Login’ link to expand the login area.

Enter your  Username and Password  to access your account.

login screen 2Forgotten your password? No problem, just click on ‘Forgot Password?’  and an email will be sent allowing you to select a new one.

Check your junk or spam folder if you do not receive the email.

The Icing Artist Desktop

Icing Artist is designed to be used without any graphic design experience at all!

The desktop consists of 6 main areas.

The Image Library

Contains the Icing Artist ‘Gallery’, our built-in image library and also ‘My Images’ which allows users to import images into a personal library, in  both .JPG and .PNG format.


My Images:

When importing images the total image size in a single  template should be limited to 10 – 12 MB , so for example if you are creating a template with 12 rounds and each round is a different image, each image can only be 1MB.

The Main Menu

This menu is designed for simplicity.

untitled template‘ is an input area allowing you to name your current template.

‘Preview’ from here  you can preview, save and share your template.

‘Help’ takes you to the Icing Artist help documentation.

Tool Selection Menu

This menu contains the tools necessary to design your edible masterpiece. It features the ‘Text’ tool, ‘Shapes’ selection tool, the ‘QR Code’ tool, Zoom tools and Undo and Redo functions.

Template Properties Tab 

Preview Area – displays a simple (no image) representation of the template you are working on.

Template Configuration Area –  displays all the template configuration details entered when a new template is created.  When working on a template, this area allows you to change the template’s measurements, shape, row or column count in real time as you’re working.

Object Properties Tab

Displays all the properties of the image that you have imported into your template and allows changes to be made.

Main Template Area

This is the work area where your template is designed. Double clicking on an image from the Library will transfer it to this area where you can use any of the tools from the Tool Selection Menu to design your template.