Create a Custom Template

After logging in select ‘Create New Project’.

Select Template Type – Custom

Then enter:

SIZE PRESETS – enter the ‘width’ and ‘height’ of the actual icing (printable area) that is on the edible icing sheet you are using. This assumes you are feeding in the clear plastic strip as the bottom of the icing sheet.

If you feed the icing sheet into the printer with the clear strip as the top of the page, then the entire plastic backing sheet size must be entered and the plastic strip taken into account when you enter border measurements.

TYPE – select the shape to print on the template and then type in the number of shapes required across and down the page.

Your desktop  will then look like this:

The ‘Template Preview’ area provides a summary of what you entered previously.

Click on the Template Properties’ tab, then click on the pencil next to the ‘Template Configuration’ heading to enter the remaining measurements for your custom template.


W: H         Circle diameter, or the Width and Height of the shape selected

L:   R          Left Margin Right Margin

T:   B          Top Margin Bottom Margin

V:   H         Vertical & Horizontal distance between shapes

Ensure you click on the tick to apply/save  the changes.

NOTE:  The total sum of the Page/Margins dimensions entered  must = the dimensions  entered in SIZE PRESETS or the template will not fit onto the page.

An error message will be displayed if this is not the case and the dimensions can be changed.

Now you can start adding images and use the functions in the Tool Selection Area to complete your template.