Adding Text

To add text into your template click the ‘Text’  icon from the ‘Tool selection Area’.

Move the text box into your template design area by clicking in the centre of the box and dragging to the desired location.

To increase or decrease the size of the text box click and hold on a corner with a blue square and drag

To edit text, ensure the text box is selected on your Icing Artist desktop, as seen below in the blue box. This will open the ‘Object Properties’ area and allow you to enter your own text and customise it.

Wrap Text Tool

The wrap text tool allows you to configure your text to wrap around the ‘Outside’ or ‘Inside’ of a circle, when designing round templates.

The direction of the wrap can be assigned on the template to either ‘Top, Bottom, Left or Right’.

The rotate function  allows you to input a particular number in degrees to arrange your wrapped text more accurately.